Bike Book Briefing: Joseph's Big Ride by Terry Farish

Ride like the wind, Tomorrow Hey!
Sometimes I read books about bikes with no pictures but when I’m lucky my small people ask me to read them lovely picture-filled books about bicycles. In a world where Elgin Bike Hub gains a brick and mortar shop (other than the half-fixed bicycles that seem to be breeding in my basement), I hope there will be a corner for balance bikes and a chalkboard wall and a little library of picture books about bicycles, buses, trains, and walking feet. In service of that dream, I’d like to start giving you my recommendations to fill those bookshelves and maybe yours as well (see also the blog Parker wrote in December on Matt De La Peña's children's book Last Stop on Market Street). Have your own recommendations? List them in the comments below.

Today’s selection is as thoughtfully written as it is charmingly illustrated. The narrative follows young Joseph and his mother from a refugee camp in an unnamed country to a small United States apartment in an unnamed city. It also follows his yearning to grow big enough to reach the pedals of friend Daau's bike in the camp to his first wobbly rotations on his US neighbor “”Woosh’s” sweet red ride. I appreciated the graceful way author Terry Farrish related the experience of being a refugee as well as the experience of a first thrilling ride on two wheels. No matter your age, I think you too will enjoy this book about hope, friendship, and the joy of riding. It got me feeling all the warm and fuzzies. So, once I return it to Gail Borden Public Library (best. library. ever.), go ahead and take it for a spin yourself!

If you want to get your hands on more bike-friendly books for your littlest riders check out Vancouver-based Spokesmama's blog Six Great Children's Books About Biking.

And if you want to hear more about my suburban city family's December car fast, check out our #OneLessCar thread.

Happy pedaling and reading!


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